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After a deadly virus spread across plants, animals and finally humans - Mei Ayaname, a Timepathe - searches through the ruins of the old world, using her powers to follows the clues and hopefully, find a cure.

I G M A T A 

is a single player narrative driven mystery created in 5 days for The Unreal 2019 Spring Jam - "The Other Side of The Coin"

The entire story, photogrammetry, additional assets, textures, sounds, effects and game logic were all created during the Jam.

The external assets used, in line with the game jams Marketplace Takeover rules are:
Blood Trails / Chameleon / Cobweb Pack / Free Furniture Pack /HQ Residential House / Metal Shelves / Ultra Dynamic Sky / VR Expansion Plugin.


Search the apartment of two scientists - learning about their story and their role in a world where humanity is on the brink of survival. Use your VR controllers to grab items of seemingly little importance, focus on their bond vector and be shot through time to learn about its significance. Watch the lead up to the end of the world through the eyes of those that lived it.

A Note from the creator:

I was down to the final hour - literally - making this, so there's suprises in store I didn't not get to finish, and some puzzles that unfortunately I didn't have the time to do - and of  course all of those nice things we take for granted (like a menu!) But I am still really proud (and burnt out) with what was achieved. I hope you enjoy my game, and I hope to find the time to update it in the future ;) Its currently buggy as hell. There is a planned ending, and rather than all the rooms be opened, the world is supposed to unlock over time with keys in a more linear fashion. But time is never on your side in a game jam - so I opened it up as much as possible and got it compiled and uploaded with about half an hour left on the clock.. made it!

Have fun  :)

Ben Swinbanks
Simmersive Digital


igmata-windows.zip 2 GB
Version 1 May 08, 2019

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